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We provide cutting-edge Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Behavior Consulting, Special Education, and other Specialized Programs and Groups such as Potty Training and Social Skills Groups. We only utilize Evidence-Based Practices (EBP).

Team work leads to success.

At Behavior Trend, we value our employees who make a difference in the world.

When choosing an ABA provider for your child, it is crucial to evaluate the providers team. We are team players working to take your child to the highest level of success.  

Benefits and Services with

Behavior Trend

  • ABA is a scientific, evidence-based intervention
  • Teaches caregivers how to respond in the moment
  • Prepares clients to be self-advocates
  • Helps clients make and keep friends
  • Prepares clients for independence
  • Achieves success using strengths
  • Reduces family stress
Team Work Leads to Success.
Who We Serve


Challenging Behaviors
Attention Issues
Learning Disabilities
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Developmental Delays
Social Skills or Executive Functioning deficits


Learn positive parenting strategies

Increase your child’s independence

Increase compliance with daily routines


FBA Assessments

Behavior 1:1 supports

Consultation and Staff Training

Working to better the quality of life for children and their families

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