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The Earlier, the Better: Early Childhood Intervention

During early childhood, one’s brain is more plastic (meaning more capable of change and adapting); this makes therapy highly effective during these years because the therapist can identify and address
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Preparations & Predictability During The Holidays

Holidays are full of joy, excitement, energy, and laughter with family and friends.. It can also be full of uncertainty, anxiety, stress, and sensory overload for a person on the
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How to Navigate Insurance to Obtain Services for Your Child

The world of insurance is a tricky maze to figure out alone. Don’t do this on your own! Let us help! Step 1 Documented Diagnosis Receive a written diagnosis from
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Parent Training: An Essential Component to ABA

Parent Training: An Essential Component to ABA:You – the parent – are your child’s first and forever teacher. As behavior therapists andanalysts we are only in your child’s life for
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Acronyms Galore!

Professionals often find themselves using several acronyms when speaking with parents. Often this can cause confusion on the parents’ end unless they have been receiving quality and intensive behavior services.  We
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Token Boards and Behavior Charts Just Don’t work! I’ve tried them…

When you Google “Token Boards” you are bound to come across over 100 million search results. There are several blogs, stimuli, and information on token boards and behavior charts. Almost
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