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Author: Behavior Trend

The Earlier, the Better: Early Childhood Intervention

During early childhood, one’s brain is more plastic (meaning more capable of change and adapting); this makes therapy highly effective during these years because the therapist can identify and address
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Preparations & Predictability During The Holidays

Holidays are full of joy, excitement, energy, and laughter with family and friends.. It can also be full of uncertainty, anxiety, stress, and sensory overload for a person on the
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How to Navigate Insurance to Obtain Services for Your Child

The world of insurance is a tricky maze to figure out alone. Don’t do this on your own! Let us help! Step 1 Documented Diagnosis Receive a written diagnosis from
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Parent Training: An Essential Component to ABA

Parent Training: An Essential Component to ABA:You – the parent – are your child’s first and forever teacher. As behavior therapists andanalysts we are only in your child’s life for
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