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Parent Training: An Essential Component to ABA:
You – the parent – are your child’s first and forever teacher. As behavior therapists and
analysts we are only in your child’s life for a short period of time. Your child will make
enormous gains during ABA services, but a vital component to not only maintaining but
exceeding those gains beyond the conclusion of services is one thing: Parent Training.
During Behavior Trend’s Parent Training sessions, you and the clinical team will work
together to build individualized parent training goals to meet the needs of your child
and your family. We want parent training to be meaningful to you. We also want to
empower you by providing you with knowledge about ABA, autism, developmental
delays, and other parts of treatments.
Fundamental topics we cover during our Parent Training:
 How to determine why your child is engaging in certain problematic behaviors
 How to have your child engage in things you would like them to do (potty
training, doing chores, etc.)
 How to teach your child language, play, social, and adaptive skills
 How to teach your child to be independent
What does a Parent Training session look like?

  1. Check-in: We want to see how you and your family are doing and how sessions
    are moving along.
  2. Child’s Goals: We review the current goals and progress on your child’s goals. We
    discuss the importance of the goals and where we see the goals moving towards.
  3. Parent-Training Goals: This is where we discuss the specific goals we believe will
    make a big difference in your child’s life now and for years to come.
    a. Review: We will review the importance of the goal we are teaching you.
    b. Modeling: We will show you exactly how to implement the goal with your
    c. Feedback: We will provide you with feedback on how well you did or how
    you can improve.
    d. Materials: We will provide you with or recommend materials that will help
    you achieve these goals like token systems or reminders on your fridge!
    e. Problem-Solve: We will troubleshoot together and come up with plans
    that will work with you and your family.
  4. Summarize: We will summarize our parent training session and develop a goal for
    the next session.

We are here to help support you and your child to build independence, confidence, and
growth using ABA.
If you would like more information about any of your programs, please reach out to us
at or call our offices 818.369.4440.
We are happy to help support you through this journey!

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