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I often get asked by parents if receiving Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services will turn their child into a robot. The simple answer to this: No.


When ABA is programmed correctly and implemented consistently across ALL team players, then we see children generalizing their responses. Your child’s ABA programs should be individualized, functional, and appropriate for your child’s current needs. In addition, the programs should also take into considerations generalizations. When we talk about “generalization” we typically mean that we want a child to understand the “bigger picture”. Sometimes to get to the “bigger picture”, we may need to start with one target, one picture, or one response. Eventually, your ABA program supervisor should evaluate your child progress with the team (this includes you and the therapists!) and determine HOW and WHEN it is time to start generalizing!

Your child’s ABA program should be evaluated by all the team players at least every 2 weeks. This ensures that the programs are kept up to date and altered if needed to promote success. 

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